EoCScape.com - The Number 1 EoC Private Server Trailer

EoCScape - The Number 1 Evolution of Combat Private Server!

EoCScape has a very nice and friendly community that is always there to help you out. We strive for direct player reflection; this means that players should be the ones to help other players out. This ensures that EoCScape maintains the best community possible.

So, exactly what is EoCScape? EoCScape is the only EoC based Private Server publicly available to the Private Server community. Not only do we have strive for a perfect community, but also we aim to overtake every private of our kind out there - if any. We offer something that other private servers don't have - we have an amazing coding team who constantly put out updates every couple of days, if not daily. If you find any bugs with our server, please report them immediately to our staff team.

EoCScape is not only designed to accommodate primarily people who enjoy the EoC-based game play, but is designed to entertain every type of player. We have different game modes where you can choose how you would like to play. Are you an old-school lover? This is your lucky day! The old-school game mode will allow you to easily switch from our Evolution of Combat pre-set to our Oldschool-based gameplay. If you are more of a new school player you can select the High Quality Graphics game mode.

See you in-game!


There are currently 54 players online!
*Note: Web-based client Coming Soon.